#11 That Night With The Ludo Champ

I could hear those voices in my head. My imagination was quite vivid – a TV reporter was flashing in front of my eyes, reading out the news about my suicide – ‘Suvreen Goyal, a 26-year-old girl who worked in an IT company, cut her wrists and killed herself. Since she was living alone in a 1BHK apartment in Block D of Famous Height 2 in Koregaon Park, nobody got to know as she bled throughout the night. Her parents were informed about this tragedy when they reached Pune&helli

#10 That Night With The Smoke up Supreme

We keep hearing about legends that often sound strange, fascinating or sometimes absurd to us. We usually don’t believe in them. Sometimes we even laugh at them. However, deep down, there’s a child in us that wants these legends to exist. Deep down, we want our world to be a lot more than what we see around us.

My days in Pune had many landmark moments and a few of them involved meeting interesting people. In fact, on my second day in the city, there was a girl I met dur

#9 That Encounter with the Miracle

It wasn’t easy for me to keep my eyes off him. His eyes, however, were fixed on a book, unaware of my stare. I don’t have a name for him, but whenever I think of him, I think of the word ‘Miracle’. My mother needed a cataract surgery and I was in an eye hospital with her to get it done.

My mother and I, along with other patients and their relatives were waiting for the doctor to arrive. The hallway leading towards the operation theater had benches on either s

#8 That Boy At War

I knew the war had begun. When I rummage through my memories now, I realize that the seed of that long battle was sown precisely during that time. There were no arms involved yet, no sound of gun fires, no declarations made by either of the army chiefs yet. It was only the media that was buzzing with noise, but at the border, there was nothing but silence. However, the day I received orders from my army chief to ‘get active’; I knew this silence wouldn’t last for long. I kne

#2 In The Names of God

The theme for that year’s Inter College Photography Competition was ‘Traffic Signals’. It excited me the moment I saw the notice on my college notice board. I borrowed a camera from a friend and began wandering around busy traffic signals of Indore to get my perfect shot.

On the first day, early in the morning, I clicked pictures of sweepers while they did their job. Later, I captured a guy apologizing to a traffic cop for breaking some rule and then took a few sho

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